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Хуманитарна Забава со Urban Beat Radio @ Club F-People (5.6.2009)

DJ Bojana


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Поздрав до сите читатели на овој блог! Сакаме да ве информираме дека се организира хуманитарна забава, се со цел да му се помогне на едномесечното бебе Матеј Кузмановски кој е роден со срцева мана и му е потребна итна операција во Софија, Бугарија. По тој повод Urban Beat Radio организира хумантирна забава со цел да се соберат средства за помош на бебето Матеј. Сите хумани луѓе се добродојени во Club "F People"(Ex Cabare) стара железничка,во петок со почеток во 21.00 часот. Со мала донација од 50 денари за влез вие подарувате живот кој штотуку почна, затоа овозможете му на Матеј да ги види сите убавини во животот!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Addicted - Doolism + special guest Minimorph @ Urban Beat Radio (Thursday, 20h)

Back To House Radioshow with Inland Knights in the mix @ Urban Beat Radio (Thursday, 15h)

Laurence and Andy met in 1993 through their involvement Dj'ing with the legendary UK free party crew - Smokescreen sound system.. The crew of eight in total threw free, large-scale events at various locations across the English countryside. Utilizing rotat ing, secret venues, Smokescreen attempted to keep their renegade parties as underground as possible to avoid detection by local police - a feat they managed to accomplish on a regular basis. They also organized more legitimate events, such as nights in local clubs.
By 1998, Ritchie moved to Nottingham with what little studio kit he'd had in Sheffield, joined the To ka Project studio and began to put together the drop label whilst producing closely with Riley, who was already involved with To ka Project, his collaboration with Steve Walker and Jason Cowley. Inland knights Volume 1 marked the launch of Drop Music in 1998; an independent outlet devoted to the production of quality house. The flourishing label has released material under various mediums, including EPs, singles, album and mix CDs.

The Drop Music catalogue now has 56 releases to its credit, and is renowned in the dance music community for the quality and consistency of its work. Adopting various guises to showcase different aspects of their sound, including Party Criminals, In House Alterations, Grand Theft Audio and Big Audio Spidermite, Toka project, Larry fives, Inland Knights have been responsible for most of the Drop catalogue. As enthusiastic about DJ'ing as studio production Ritchie and Riley have maintained a relentless international touring agenda since their collaboration began.
Under the Inland Knights moniker the pair have been fruitful, releasing tracks on labels such as Ralph Lawson's famed 20:20 Vision imprint, Panhandle Records, Vista, Siesta, Sunflower, NRK, Low Pressings, the classic 'hot soup' on so-sound, cheeky, doubledown and many more. "Creative Spaces," Inland Knights and Drop Music's highly anticipated first full-length album, was released in 2001 to widespread critical praise for its funky jams and deep, grooving melodies. For the CD version of the album, the pair opted to create a live mix rather than simply re-releasing the vinyl in another medium.
In 2007,to mark the 50th Dropmusic release, Inland Knights released a two part ep package to widespread acclaim, with 50 pt 1 becoming an instant rarity and much sought after, and part 2 Becoming another a drop classic. 2007 also saw the launch of Raise, Drops sister label.
Into 2008,and Inland knights are busy in the studio with remixes,ep's and compilations,as well as regular dj slots at the weekend. Dropmusic will be 10 years old this year and to celebrate this there will be a double cd compilation with all the artists off the label putting forward new tracks.
Despite their success as producers, and over nine years of releases under their belts, they refuse to withdraw into the studio and will continue to DJ and tour extensively. Riley notes they are alway s looking to balance their performance and production schedules. "If you start to do too much of one," he says, "You start to miss the other."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Вечер журка со DJ ATN & Nikola Amo @ Vitez (Три Бисери, позади 7ца) - почеток 21ч


Француското електро-дуо "Make The Girl Dance" одлучи да ги почести своите фанови со еден вистински разголен...

... спот кој е снимен на улиците на Париз.

Во оригиналниот спот, сепак не се појавуваат вистинските членови на групата, туку девојки кои на крајот на спотот се претставени како Матилда, Сара и Марина.

И... не пробувајте да откриете дали девојките се вистински голи - или сепак имаат покриени делови.

Ако сте фанови на ваков вид релаксација, едноставно гледајте, слушајте, и уживајте...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Back To House with Michael Gray (21-5-2009 Thursday, 15h) @ Urban Beat Radio

Michael Gray is one of the most respected and in-demand artists currently on the global dance music scene. The accomplished Producer, DJ and remixer has enjoyed extensive success alongside Jon Pearn as world renowned production and remix duo Full Intention; more recently however, it has been his solo productions, remixes and DJing that have had dance floors rammed around the world.

As a solo artist, Michael enjoyed worldwide success on the back of his massive 2004 single, 'The Weekend'. Featuring the vocals of UK vocalist Shena, 'The Weekend' was heavily championed by Pete Tong and UK radio, reaching number 7 in the UK charts. The single exploded at a rapid rate, possessing a feel-good vibe that proved infectious. It took the number 1 spot on the Australi an ARIA club charts and enjoyed similar chart success around the world. The single's crossover appeal was cemented when it was used in a number of television commercials, including Honda Cars, the BBC's Football Focus commercials and just recently in "Ugly Betty". Appearances on dozens of compilation releases were the icing on the cake for one of 2004's biggest tunes.

Michael has not rested on his success since then, with his second single 'Borderline' (released July 2006) being embraced by both clubland and daytime radio, reaching number 12 in the UK charts, the weeks highest new entry. His debut album "Analog is on" will be released late 2007 - He has also produced and co written an album for Luciana (Portobella) on Island Records and is finishing producing and co writing for new act 'Koolwah' with his first single "Fashion" on Toolroom Records and went to no.1 in the beatport chart. It is now being used by 'The Times' newspaper on TV and Radio adverts. He has also written and produced for 'new girl on the block' Laura Kidd with her first single "Automatic" released on Eye Industries. Michael also has his own record label - Neon wave with a forthcoming EP Michael Gray presents People from Mars "Just can't sleep"/ "Tubetracker". Remix wise he has just remixed 'The Priors' "What you need" and finished his new single "You got me Twisted" forthcoming on Eye Industries. At the moment Michael is collaborating with Richard Dinsdale, Paul Harris, and the Shapeshifters. He is working with Jon Pearn on a new Full Intention track in about 5 years! Due for summer release is his collaboration with Danism & Lisa Millet called "Say Yes".

Tonight (19h) - LOVE SONGS with DJ Bojana @ Urban Beat Radio

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Steve Lawler (mini-interview)

Steve Lawler (mini-interview)

Steve Lawler (mini-interview)

A lot of DJs have said that they think the dance scene (at least in the UK) is going back to the underground. Do you see agree?
Its not just going back to the underground, its just got a lot better, clubs in the uk are exiting again… the UK got un healthy commercial, and every man and his dog was either a club promoter, DJ, or musician, and it was all for the wrong reasons, these people just wanted to be in with the trend, now the scene has gone through that stage, and they have all now moved onto things that are now said to be trendy, leaving the dance community back in the safe hands of those who truly love music and this scene…

Being so well travelled, do you see major differences or similarities in various countries’ (or continents’) club-culture?
Not exactly major but yes there are some differences, for example; when i play in Columbia I find that I play the harder edged side of my set longer, and when i play at my residency Harlem nights in London, I play the housier side of what i do for longer..
I love all styles (except trance and hard house!!!) Of dance music and think the night should move musically but in different country’s their crowd can differ slightly and they are either more open to the housier stuff or they like it harder and more pumping.. Still the same sound and that sound being the sound of my style but just harder edged…

Is there a particular country or venue that you always have fun playing in?
Jesus there are so many! I consider my self very lucky because i play all the best clubs in the world, the best sound systems, and to the best crowds.. I would be here forever answering this question.

What are you currently working on? (studio, tours, releases)
I’m currently working on an album of original material, mostly being dance orientated with a couple of feeling tracks (i like to call them!) So i have been real busy with that. And as always touring!!! Cant stop me dj’ing!!! I love it far to much ;)

You have a lot of fans in Cyprus – what can they expect to hear in your set?
Well i’m really looking forward to coming back its been a while, so they can expext a party!!!! “were gonna start with a kick and then the bass” see you on the dancefloor… Over and out

Parties in Macedonia this summer


Above & Beyond @ Summer Club Colosseum, Skopje


David Morales @ Summer Club Colosseum, Skopje


Eric Prydz @ Summer Club Colosseum, Skopje


Bob Sinclar @ Biljanini Izvori Stadium, Ohrid

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Urban Time for Antoine Clamaran (Monday - 12h)

As a DJ, author and producer, Antoine Clamaran has turned the whole planet into a huge dance floor!
His name is known as a synonym with talent and success. He is also famous for his never-ending quest of universal and irresistible sounds.
Weekly resident on FG DJ Radio each Sunday from midnight to 1 A.M, also monthly resident on Fun Radio every third Saturday from midnight to 2 A.M, executive producer of 19 labels, an artist-reference according to many great names of house music, Antoine is following the road to success.
Appart from his numerous productions and remixes for international star DJs, he released a first album entitled "Release Yourself" in 2002, followed by four opuses of "Mix Inc." between 2003 and 2005.
The single "Keep on Trying" was commercialized in May 2006, followed in June by "Dancefloor FG summer 2006", a mixed compilation which soon became a Gold Album.
Both 2007 and 2008 have been quite busy years, first by releasing " Inside ", his best of only sold abroad and available for downloading in France on, as well as the compilation " All Night Long ". As it encountered a massive success, his partnership with EMI was reconducted, logically leading to another 2-CDs compilation of 30 dance floor hits, all selected and mixed by Antoine Clamaran : "All Night Long 2" is available in music stores since August 25th.

Right now, Antoine keeps travelling and bouncing the entire world. He produces tracks, remixes the most famous artists and is working on his second album, which should be ready in the early hours of 2009.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Urban Time for Andrea Bertolini @ Urban Beat Radio with DJ Bojana (12h - Sunday)

Born on January the 7th 1978 in Tortona (Italy) at the age of 14 he started deejaying at school parties and then in local clubs; at that same time he started getting involved into music production. In June 2001 he released his very first record called “Bitter candy” under the nickname B’n’3. In October 2001 he began to work with “J.T. Company” (owned by Joe T. Vannelli) and became resident dj at the “Supalova Club” nights. In spring 2003 he produced “Nasty Bass”, an international hit that was included in the sixth volume of the “Subliminal session” (on the label owned by Erick Morillo) mixed by Benny Benassi. This single was published in many foreign countries, such as France (Sony/Scorpio Music), Spain (Blanco Y Negro) and Belgium (541/News). Since March 2005 he works with Star Garda Records / Stereo Seven as A&R and dj/producer and has remixed artist like Warren Clarke feat. Michelle Weeks, Syndicate of Law feat. D-Train, David Amo & Julio Navas, Mauro Picotto, Emix & D Lewis, Maurizio Gubellini, Dhany from Benassi Bros, Topazz and many more. He achieved great international feedback with his production “My wav” (included in compilations such as “Come with me” mixed by Mistress Barbara, Fresco Records Compilation). On 11th of August 2007 he’s one of the djs of MTV Music 4 Life Party at Street Parade 2007 (Zurigo) with Eric Prydz, Tocadisco, X Press 2, Westbam e Kurd Maverick. In October 2007 he released his first album "My Waves". In December 2008 his single "Smiling" was charted by Popof. In January 2009 he released his project "The Unexpected E.P.#3" with remixes from : Autistics, Leeks, Skober, Joah Reyes. In March 2009 released "Nervioso" on Fresco Records (Spain) with D. Amo & J. Navas feat. a remix from Olivier Giacomotto. He has played in country such as : Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Latvia, Spain, Tunisia, Greece, Ukraina, France, Australia ...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Way To The Trance Music with CJ Peeton @ Urban Beat Radio (23h - Sunday)

'm a Hungarian producer and Dj in Ireland . The trance music is the one of the oldest electronic think in my life. I started to produce music maybe in 1998. My master was DJ Pause who is a famous Dj in my home town .I got a lot of different impulses from a lot of kind of music so I could handle a lot of styles. I started the Dj-ing maybe in 2000 and I think I did nearly 300 parties with a lot of party people. In 2003 I said I create only trance music so that's what I do now with a lot of impulses from another styles. When I came to Ireland in 2006 I signed in to the Life Ain't Easy Recordings and I was glad about that. I had a few parties in the Vaults Club in Dublin with the label but that was all so I started to look for another label to be more than that. In 2008 I signed in to the Andromeda Recordings and I am very happy here with a lot of very nice mates and music. I hope you are going to enjoy my music and download theme. Every moths I have radio show on the Overdrive Underground ( ODU )FM in Chicago . The show is on every 2th week Wednesday 10am . One of my Hungarian friend and me are the P&M Project . We did that just for remixes in Hungary , and thanks God , we started to be famous there . We did remixes for Chriss , Kincses , Dj Sterbinszky , Dj Junior , Flamemakers ……………… and more artists . I have one blog for Hungarian people and I give theme all the news about me , and I have one link site with all the links what I have and a few more stuffs from me . Feel free to send an email in case of promos or bookings For more informations and radio shows wisit my blog on : C U and take of Ur self.

Miss Nine @ Urban Beat Radio (22h - Sunday)

In the heavily male dominated DJ market, it is rare to find a female DJ who can create a huge
impact on the scene in a short amount of time. Miss Nine has not only been able to outshine
and make her presence known in such a world, but she has done so all within four years of
picking up a record. With her eclectic taste in music, ranging from energetic grooves with
plenty of vocals to a deeper, progressive sound, Miss Nine is sure to turn heads and move
feet any where she performs.
Kristin Schrot began her career, not as a deejay, but as a model. At 16, she made it to the
finals of one of the largest modeling pageants in Germany, and soon after secured a
worldwide contract with Elite Model Management. Longing for more, her passion for music
led Kristin to move to Amsterdam where she dubbed herself Miss Nine and began pursuing
a career in the electronic industry.
Only a few months after touching the decks for the first time, she became a resident DJ at the
locally legendary Motion parties where she evolved as an artist and deejay while playing
alongside masters such as John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, and James Zabiela. In
2003 she began touring abroad and even made an appearance as the youngest artist at the
10th edition of Dance Valley.
At the end of 2005, Miss Nine was asked by Grammy Award winning dj duo Deep Dish to
join Bullitt Bookings, the reputable agency of A‐list deejays such as Deep Dish, Nic Fanciulli,
and Danny Howells. This merger has allowed Miss Nine to explode onto the forefront of the
DJ scene. Miss Nine performs around the world, spinning at clubs such as Pacha in Ibiza,
Space in Miami, Avalon in LA, Crobar in New York, and Ministry of Sound in London, with
her fan base multiplying by the minute.
Miss Nine is the first female to mix a compilation for Washington‐based Yoshitoshi
Recordings, the world‐renowned leader in progressive and big‐room house music. The
highly anticipated Yoshitoshi Ibiza mixed by Miss Nine (YRCDLP15) was released in
September 2006. Less than four months later the album reached the highest position at the
iTunes Dance Album Chart in the USA: number 1! To continue this success Miss Nine
released an album on the world famous Armada label: Dancefloor Sessions (ARMA134) in
June 2008. A second Yoshitoshi album can be expected at the end of 2008. Don’t forget to
turn on your internet radio station: Miss Nine hosts her own radio shows at
every third Tuesday of the month, at every third Monday of the month, at Frisky Radio
every fourth Tuesday of the month and at Proton Radio every fourth Wednesday of the
While enduring this exhausting tour schedule, Miss Nine still works fulltime as model for
Elite. Modeling also takes her across the globe as the highlight of various photo shoots and
ad campaigns for designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Lancome, Custo, and Pepe Jeans.
She has appeared on the cover of several magazines, most notably Elle Magazine in

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday 14h (+1 GMT) Urban Time for Sandy Rivera @ Urban Beat Radio

Auréi, D'Menace, Awesome Foursome, The Committee, Kings Of Tomorrow, Mysterious People, Organized Noize, Sandy Rivera, Sanjay, Sanjose, Soul Vision - these are just some of the DJ/production guises that Sandy Rivera has used in recent years. Despite his impressive credentials Sandy's character remains largely enigmatic; this is down to his penchant for monikers perhaps. Dig a little deeper into Sandy's past and it appears he is responsible for some of the finest dance-floor tracks of our time. If you love electronic music then you have definitely danced to his efforts at one time or another. And now? Well now, it's time for the real Sandy Rivera to please stand up.

Of Puerto Rican heritage and New York upbringing Sandy was exposed to a vibrant and colourful hybrid of sounds, sights and characters - all of which the young Mr Rivera soaked up and used to form his tapestry of musical preferences. He began playing records at just 13 years old and infused his Latino influence with tougher New York hip hop beats. Ever the entrepreneur, a 17 year old Sandy held parties in his house, DJ'ed himself all night and charged people for the pleasure to get in! Soon he found the desire to produce music. He felt he could do it on his own rather than go through a record label. So, armed with all the right intentions and not a lot else off he went and made some hip hop tracks. He produced for Big Pun as part of Full Eclipse - this ended up in the hands of chart legend Fat Joe. Soon after that Sandy decided to concentrate his efforts on house music.

On his first musical forays Sandy comments "Chic, Patrick Adams, jazz-funk, rock, electro and hip-hop, it was all intertwined, you could play Run DMC the Cover Girls and Information Society in one take, that was the music in the ghetto – and it was everything'" he remembers. "I just fell into it. I was a street kid and the whole DJ thing started with the old cheap belt drive turntables. So I started Djing, I was always the kid up late at night, headphones on with the tape deck, recording radio shows and editing them".

And so in 1994 he launched Blackwiz Records funded partly through a publishing deal with, bizarrely, Burt Bacharach and set up another imprint called Deep Vision. This helped confirm his burgeoning reputation as a sonic innovator. He spent time training as a pianist, so he could understand and control his music; today plays most of his own keys on his tracks.

In 1997 he released his first long player 'The Calling' which featured Sandy's vocals. Something of a learning curve, Sandy used 'The Calling' as a playing field, honing his craft and learning his art. A second album followed 'It's in the Lifestyle' under the Kings of Tomorrow moniker. It features some of his most commercially successful tracks to date including the cross-over club stormer 'Finally' and 'Young Hearts', amongst others.

After doing the rounds on the dance floor for a couple of years 'Finally' became an anthem of the early noughties. A gold-plated house music anthem which picked up a clutch of gongs, including a Pacha Award for Best Ibiza Tune and a Muzik magazine award for Tune of the Year. While 'Young hearts' featured on UK TV commercials.

His third artist album 'Trouble' came out in early 2005 and saw a deeper side to Sandy and by this point he had moved to London. This was a 100% original, sample free album and featured a mixture of styles including the r&B and soul infused 'Changes' all the way though to the dark, techy moodiness of 'London Fog' (inspired by a particularly memorable session at DC10.) The fusion of styles is not surprising when you consider the album was recorded in London, New York, California and Malaysia and Sandy himself admits to being a product of his environment.

Of 'Trouble' Sandy says "I'm trying to be a house producer who makes people stop and listen, as well as dance."

With three artist albums under his belt Sandy put his vast collection of music to good use on various compilations including: Ministry of Sound Sessions / Kings of Tomorrow, Defected ITH # 2 / Sandy Rivera, plus the new Renaissance compilation – Master Series 8, released September 2006. On the remixing front artists to get the Sandy attention include Craig David with 'All the Way', Wahoo 'Shake It', UFO feat. Dee Dee Bridgewater 'Flying Saucer', Moby 'In My Heart', Fedde La Grand 'Take No Shh' and Natasha Bedingfield 'Love Like This' amongst others.

Record after record has followed, many firing a bullet right to the heart of the club charts. These cuts include The Committee's, 'Scream and Shout', Soulvision's 'Don't Stop, Terry Callier's 'I Don't Wanna See' and the all club stomper - 'I Can't Stop'. One of the most notable is workings under the Soul Vision guise - 'Come Into My Room' was a vocal production featuring the singer LT Brown and its music quickly found its way on to a bootleg mash-up overlaying the track with the vocal from Everything But The Girl's 'Wrong'; the resulting 'Tracey In My Room' grew into the dance floor phenomenon of 2001.

His presence on the stage impressed as much as his presence in the studio and Sandy saw his DJ schedule rocket, now referring himself a 'citizen of the world' Sandy is regularly in a handful of countries each and every week. Part of his success is due to his diversity when playing. Ask Sandy to describe his style and he'll say '@#%%$$^', literally.

Sandy's ability to play tough, techy and minimal on any given day and soulful funk the next has made him a captivating and diverse force to be reckoned with.

In 2007 we saw Sandy singing on various tracks including 'I Wanna' with Red Eleven and the massive chart hit 'Lollipop' with Matt Schwartz.

On the album front, he produced an album for the talented singer Haze (who featured on the Trouble album) which is set for release in 2008 plus Sandy's follow up artist album aptly named 'The Night' will be released in summer 2008 which features his vocal talents on various tracks as well as showcasing new singers. And he is currently in the studio working with new vocalist Rae on her featured album.

There is also an all new website ( which features all of his unreleased tracks for download, has gig video diaries, blogs, lots of news, new photos and more.

If you haven't yet, the time has come to take notice of Sandy Rivera

Sandy Rivera - Lollipop
Sandy Rivera - Freak
Sandy Rivera - I Can't Stop (David Penn Remix)

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Back To House Radioshow - This week special guest Alfred Azzetto

Alfred Azzetto is one of the most respected and leading figures within the Italian House Music scene and beyond throughout the world as both a DJ and producer.
Born and raised in Italy, his experience within music stretches back over 20 years to the Eighties where he launched and established his international profile around the globe.
At the height of the 90s house boom, Alfred was offered a residency at three of the leading Clubs in Italy, namely at Muretto, Movida and Matilda (Jesolo - Venice).
His sound is best described always combination of various types of music, a very personal style and rich in a wide musical background which is regarded as the key to his success. Many of his productions and co-productions reached the top of the international dance charts. "Point of view", debut single of his DB Boulevard project, was a smash hit, remaining number one for three weeks on the USA Billboard Dance Chart. The single was one of the biggest selling singles in Italy, which in turn lead to a nomination for the MTV Music Awards 2002. Last year, Alfred signed for the illustrious Purple Music label. His first release on Purple was in late 2006 titled 'Voyager' before the much-demanded follow-up 'Colors' in 2007.

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Emilijano - Mix Session with special guest STYLE OF EYE @ UrbanBeat Radio
06.05.2009 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

Listen Here : Urban Beat Radio

Welcome To Offical Urban Beat Radio Blog

Here we gonna represent all mixes from our members

First I want to post the new April Mix from Dj Bojana Elastic Beats
Great Progressive Mix Enjoy !!