Sunday, May 17, 2009

Steve Lawler (mini-interview)

Steve Lawler (mini-interview)

Steve Lawler (mini-interview)

A lot of DJs have said that they think the dance scene (at least in the UK) is going back to the underground. Do you see agree?
Its not just going back to the underground, its just got a lot better, clubs in the uk are exiting again… the UK got un healthy commercial, and every man and his dog was either a club promoter, DJ, or musician, and it was all for the wrong reasons, these people just wanted to be in with the trend, now the scene has gone through that stage, and they have all now moved onto things that are now said to be trendy, leaving the dance community back in the safe hands of those who truly love music and this scene…

Being so well travelled, do you see major differences or similarities in various countries’ (or continents’) club-culture?
Not exactly major but yes there are some differences, for example; when i play in Columbia I find that I play the harder edged side of my set longer, and when i play at my residency Harlem nights in London, I play the housier side of what i do for longer..
I love all styles (except trance and hard house!!!) Of dance music and think the night should move musically but in different country’s their crowd can differ slightly and they are either more open to the housier stuff or they like it harder and more pumping.. Still the same sound and that sound being the sound of my style but just harder edged…

Is there a particular country or venue that you always have fun playing in?
Jesus there are so many! I consider my self very lucky because i play all the best clubs in the world, the best sound systems, and to the best crowds.. I would be here forever answering this question.

What are you currently working on? (studio, tours, releases)
I’m currently working on an album of original material, mostly being dance orientated with a couple of feeling tracks (i like to call them!) So i have been real busy with that. And as always touring!!! Cant stop me dj’ing!!! I love it far to much ;)

You have a lot of fans in Cyprus – what can they expect to hear in your set?
Well i’m really looking forward to coming back its been a while, so they can expext a party!!!! “were gonna start with a kick and then the bass” see you on the dancefloor… Over and out

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